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One of the biggest problems that property investors face is finding funds for their next project. While you may have ambitions for several buy to let properties or are looking at a more ambitious buy to build project, there’s no doubt that delays in financing can seriously work against you. 
To help out, here are eight possible sources of investment that can help you get to your funding target easier: 
If you’ve just bought a property, one of the first things you will need to address is the boiler and heating. Especially for buy to let flats, where you may be carrying out a range of renovations prior to renting out, it pays to get this settled before anything else. 
It might just be that the heating system is outdated and needs to be replaced by a more efficient boiler. Alternatively, you may be changing the structure of the property so that it’s suitable for HOMs and you need to take out or add new radiators and expand the pipe network as well as install that new boiler. 
‘When fail to plan you plan to fail’ is an often used quote from Benjamin Franklin. It’s become a staple of the business world in the last few decades and is particularly apt for the buy to let and buy to build market today. 
The more concrete a strategy for developing your business you have, the more likely you are to succeed. You can possess all the vigour and enthusiasm in the world but, if your plan is flawed, sooner or later you’re going to hit a brick wall. 
If you have a strong attachment to history or a love of unusual architecture and are looking for a property, the world of listed buildings may well be perfect arena for your next purchase. While it’s certainly not without its challenges and frustrations, investing in a listed property does have its merits. 
The key to getting it right is making sure you do your homework before you buy. You’ll also need to be realistic about what can be achieved in respect of any renovations or improvements, particularly with older buildings. 
Upgrading your bathroom can often come with great expense. Here are some ways to save money, whilst giving your bathroom a new lease of life.  
Renovating your property can sometimes mean more expenditure than you’d like. Here are ways to renovate your property on a budget, room by room. 
A commercial to residential conversion, in basic terms, is changing a commercial property, for example an office, workshop etc. into a residential property (Flats, HMO, Single dwelling etc). It can produce great returns for investors as Commercial property is generally less expensive to buy than residential properties, however, it is not an easy or simple project! 
If you are thinking of investing in buy to let properties, or even if you are thinking of selling your own property, here are 10 ways that will automatically increase the value of your home. 
Due to the changes in HMO licensing, coming into effect April 2018, I am sure that many landlords/investors or letting agents, like myself, are worried about what this may mean for them. Well look no further, here is everything that you need to know from the latest Landlord Forum. 
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